El Zócalo

El Zócalo means “the meeting place.” The historic 1874 convent was a place people came to meet, learn, exchange ideas. Today, its mission is the same.

Salazar Building

Located on the 3 acre El Zocalo compound is the two story Salazar building. This building was the site of the old high school which was once part of Our Lady of Sorrows Church and School. Built in 1922, the building is on the state and national historic registers. Today the building has 8 tenant suites some of which provide training and support services and actively participate in the business development efforts of the county.

La Plazuela de Sandoval

Cut Time & Costs with A Build to Suit on this Master Planned Site. Land is equipped with a Master plan with a campus design, incredible mountain views, a sound infrastructure including access to full utilities. Property is located next to the county government complex; including a health commons and judicial complex and Includes 9 + acres zoned Special Use/Retirement. Campus is a stop on the Rio Transit transportation route.