County responders upgrade to new computer aided dispatch system

Sandoval County’s first responders have just implemented a new computer system that is revolutionizing how emergency agencies around the country work together. The system is referred to as CAD, which stands for Computer-Aided Dispatch system. The CAD is a system of hardware and software vehicle locators and integrated equipment that allows a Public Safety Communications Center to receive emergency calls, and pinpoint the location of the emergency. This system also alerts the communication center on what resources are needed for each incident.
According to SCSO Lt. John Castaneda, this type of system plays a vital role in responding to any emergency.
“Every cation taken within this system is logged,” he said. “We can look back and see who opened the call, who read the call, and who was recommended to respond to the call.”
Castaneda said CAD can even gauge how a unit drove to the call by calculating the speed the unit responded with.
Sandoval County Fire/Rescue Chief, Eric Masterson, said the county was able to procure the CAD software by carrying over-allotments of funds allocated into a capital line item. “After several years of carrying these funds over, we could fully fund the CAD program,” he said. “We all felt that this was the most fiscally responsible maneuver to procure this item.”
Masterson said this system will provide a more efficient mode of communication, which will benefit the county as a whole.Casteneda said the CAD system is beneficial for all parties involved. “With a program like this, we can better serve all county resindents,” he said.