Jan 16, 2014

Jurors Fall Victim to Telephone Scam

Some current and past jury panel members may be the subject of this telephone scam. The scam involves a telephone call to a current or past juror. The caller tells the juror they are charged with failure to appear for jury duty and are in "Contempt of Court." The caller tells the juror they can settle the charge over the telephone if they pay $400 by credit card. They will intimidate the juror into providing their credit card number and the security code on the reverse side of the card.

In two separate instances the caller has identified themselves as either an officer of the court or a sheriff's deputy. Instances of the scam have been identified in Cibola and Sandoval counties. The 13th Judicial District Court will never use the telephone to ask for payment of any fines or fees requiring use of a credit card. New Mexico law enforcement agencies do not collect payments on behalf of the courts nor do they use the telephone to collect fines or fees. If you have had a similar call, please notify the 13th Judicial District Court at 505.867.2376. Also call the Sandoval County Sheriff's Office at 505.867.7526 and the New Mexico Attorney General at 505.222.9000. If you reside outside Sandoval County call your local Sheriff's Office and the District Court Clerk in your county.

It is useful to law enforcement to obtain the name of the caller, and the telephone number the caller gives you or is displayed on your caller ID. Do not provide any credit card information or bank account information. Simply tell the caller you will discuss the matter with the district court clerk or sheriff's office and hang up the phone.

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