When a person calls 911 our communications center will gather information about the type of emergency and its location. Once the dispatcher has all of the information the call is then coded as to what type of call it is. Based on the coding of the call an appropriate amount of resources are dispatched. For instance for a car accident that is at Mile Marker 248 (Algodones exit) on Interstate 25 Fire District One and a County Medic Unit are dispatched. For a car accident that might occur on Highway 550 at Mile Marker 72 (north of Cuba) County Fire District 11 (Regina) and Cuba Emergency Medical Services are dispatched.
The fire apparatus often must go for fuel, there is a continuous need for drivers training especially for personnel who might not see the apparatus every day, or the apparatus could be going for maintenance.

Often the first unit that arrives on a scene will assess the situation. If the situation warrants that additional vehicles not respond with lights and sirens the onscene unit will either cancel the other units or tell them to respond normal traffic (no lights or sirens). When an emergency vehicle responds with its lights and sirens its chances of being involved in a motor vehicle crash increases three times.

It is common that a fire truck may be the first unit to respond to a call. Most fire trucks will carry a set of basic medical supplies so its crew members can start patient care while waiting for the arrival of an ambulance.

The Sandoval County Fire Department is under contract with the town of Bernalillo to provide emergency medical services transport. The Sandoval County Fire Department also responds to most fire calls within the town of Bernalillo on an automatic basis. This is at the request of the town of Bernalillo. The administrative offices for the Sandoval County Fire Department are also located within the town of Bernalillo.

Currently residents are allowed to burn a small 3 foot by 3 foot pile of agricultural debris without a written permit however, we do ask that you notify us when you plan to burn though. This ensures that when your neighbors call 911 because they see smoke we are aware of your burn. Burning trash of any kind is against State of New Mexico Environmental Laws and is not permitted at any time. For additional information on burn permits please contact the County Fire Marshal at 867-0245.