Kathy B. Thibodaux

Sr. County Chaplain

Phone: 505-414-2644
Email: kthibodaux@sandovalcountynm.gov

The Chaplaincy Program consists of licensed and/or ordained chaplains that provide to the fire service family specialized trainings, critical incident debriefings, peer counsel, education and skills for life improvement while performing a secular purpose. They serve as an integral part within the organization by ministering to the whole person seeking to meet their physical, emotional, mental and spiritual necessities.

Each chaplain has been extensively trained and continues to receive the required instruction and experience in order to meet the needs that are vital to the fire community and those involved. They are available to the firefighters whether paid staff or volunteer, the department and the community providing on scene support and victim assistance. Mutual aid services are provided when a department does not have their own chaplain, when an incident requires a greater response than the local chaplain or when a request is made to the Chief by another agency.